RAKSHA CPVC Pipes & fittings are used for potable water transportation, these pipes are manufactured using copper tube sizes(CTS) making a easy to replace Copper / Iron pipes. These pipes are manufactured in two different standard dimensional ratio of SDR -11 and SDR-13.5. These pipes meet ASTM-D 2846 and ASTM-F 442 respectively . Raksha cPVC fittings are manufactured using raw material precured from france and using world calss machinary. Raksha pipes and fittings can withstand upto 93o C at working pressure.

Raksha CPVC Pipes also comes in Iron pipe size [IPS] from 65mm to 100mm which meet the requirement of SCH 40 and SCH 80 of ASTM-F 441.

Sizes : 15mm to 100mm.